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it’s normal to feel weird, and weird to feel normal

26 poses over a duration of 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees.. Why haven’t I experienced Bikram earlier in life? 1) I am (or used to be) a yoga-hater. Sure I occasionally go to a Hatha class, but only because it provides a great stretch after a cardio sesh. However, I typically […]

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quarterly check up

Happy April – we’re a quarter into 2012! Looks like it’s time for me to revisit the resolutions I made in January and make sure they haven’t slipped through the cracks like they usually do… (oops) Reunite with a friend or two or many at least once a month. Highly successful. I feel like I’ve […]

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things that do not belong in the freezer:

champagne triple sec I’m fully aware that was idiotic, but no one was around to tell me neither could go in the freezer this weekend! Lesson learned, the hard way. Clearly, I didn’t understand the composition of regular alcohol vs champagne vs triple sec – it was all the same to me, so I figured […]

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#10 & co.

Never have I ever thought I’d write a post touching upon football, but the Giants’ win (swoon) marks a momentous occasion that I just can’t ignore. Joseph’s mom was wondering why everyone has such a vendetta against the Patriots – let’s briefly summarize: 1) My loyalty lies in New York. 2) The Pats are nauseatingly […]

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Moving back vs moving on:

After living in NYC for a good year, I don’t think I could move back to Parsippany.. but I could never move on from my little hometown. I used to take it for granted, but you know what they say.. “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – my exact sentiments towards Parsippany. Although I can only […]

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