Joe’s Busy Corner

Joseph took me to Guttar Bar, a hipster bowling alley last Friday. Along the lovely stroll to our date night destination, I discovered his busy corner that he had been hiding from me all along:

It’s okay, I quickly forgave him. We’ve all got our vices.

Only kidding – look at that face… the look of pure cherubic innocence! The only thing that keeps him busy is his Nintendo 3DS.

We played two games at Gutter Bar, with a few minor interruptions from our bowling balls not making it back to us, the pins failing to rearrange themselves properly, and the vintage 1980’s score screen experiencing technical difficulties – just a few endearing charms of a joint dive bar/bowling alley :)

Even though I may not look like the typical American Apparel wearing hipster lady (hey, I could never give up my gold bow necklace and girly frocks), I genuinely do enjoy and appreciate these unpretentious Williamsburg dive bars. What am I saying, I’ve only been to Barcade and the aforementioned, so by “Williamsburg dive bars,” I mean only those two I’ve been to. Regardless, these two have hit a soft spot in me – they remind me a bit of college.

My favorite bar in Ithaca was easily Dunbars, situated at the bottom of the hill, nestled within beer-splashed walls, perpetually blasting old school music while simultaneously reeking of alcohol from every molecule that held up the hole-in-the-wall bar. My favorite part was the free popcorn from this old fashioned popcorn machine that everyone stuck their dirty grimy hands in. Who knows where those fratboy and sororstitute hands have been. Gross. But good.

After Gutter Bar, we went back to my place and successfully popped some popcorn from a pot. How often can you say you made real, home made popcorn? Sprinkled some paprika spice and soy sauce and voila! We had the tastiest popcorn our taste buds had ever experienced. It was a vegan trick my good friend Molly taught me back in college – satiates any salty craving.

We ended the weekend with a cloudy picnic in LIC. The view was beautiful – no sun needed. That’s when you know something is truly gorgeous – it’s breathtaking in all kinds of weather.

Happy Monday!


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One Comment on “Joe’s Busy Corner”

  1. Molly
    June 15, 2011 at 4:13 pm #

    Thanks for the popcorn shout-out <3

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