just some picture perfect day to last a whole lifetime

My favorite part about living in this concrete jungle: there is always something [new] to do. This weekend was just want I needed – action-packed but not exhausting. Everything about it was perfect: the weather, the people, the events, the sangria. Perfect from start to finish.

Highlights of my weekend include…

Spin class #2 – unfortunately it was a light-headed-inducing work out again, but luckily it was without the loss of feeling in my feet and the desire to vomit. I’m making progress! Spin class #3 was today, and before I know it, I will have lost count of how many sessions I’ve been to – can’t wait for the day that happens. Until then, I’ll be referring to each spin class numerically. (Kidding.)

Havana – the restaurant where an adorably executed surprise birthday party happened for my lovely roommate, Megan – courtesy of her boyfriend, Madison. It was complete with endless pitchers of red and white sangria (our glasses were never empty), an enormous firework of a birthday candle (atop a cake with Megan’s name endearingly misspelled), and the most delicious blueberry (aka blue velvet) birthday cake – it was the “Ho. Ly. Fuck. Am I in heaven?” kind of good.

Speaking of which, I MUST get the name of the bakery. But on second thought, it might be best that I don’t know it… in this case, ignorance may not be bliss, but it may very well be slimming. And yes, in case you were wondering, those are the remnants of my saliva from my mouth watering all over my spoon. How unladylike of me. (Ha! I’m gross.)

Breakfast-in-Bed for no reason, thanks to my Prince Charming of a boyfriend.

I lazily slept in Saturday morning while Joseph snuck out to pick up bagels from our go-to breakfast spot in Williamsburg, Bagelteria. He ordered my favorite – flat everything bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese. The BEST! We then proceeded to get wrapped up in the Game of Thrones, which is the most epically enthralling HBO show you will ever get yourself addicted to. ‘Nuff said. We’re finally caught up with the season and ready for the finale!

Williamsburg Walk, where we spent the remainder of our afternoon, was a stretch of a good couple of blocks with fun little activities (..that were geared mostly towards little children and families, which we discovered upon our arrival.)

We indulged in snow cones (I haven’t had one in ages!), perused hipster-owned bookstores that sold used books for $5 (purchased Gurlesque, a book of poetry that I’m excited to start reading), got our pictures taken in an old school photo booth (Joseph emerged from the photo booth curtains with lipstick smeared across his mouth, completely oblivious until the public and I could no longer stifle our giggles), went into a cute little cooking supply shop where Joseph purchased a wok (if you have a Chinese girlfriend, you should have a wok), and then ventured to Brooklyn Winery (where I had a scrumptious half glass of wine, and got tipsy shortly thereafter. Naturally).

We then decided to fuel our wine binge and walked ourselves over to the next winery: Brooklyn Oenology. Had a little more wine, and then strategically appeased my festering Asian glow with some much-needed sustenance – a delectable plate of cheese and crackers. Mmm.

Momofuku Milk Bar: a very exciting discovery to end the Williamsburg Walk with. A Momofuku Milk Bar, only 3 blocks away from me, opened about two weeks ago unbeknownst to my knowledge until this weekend. Can you say “danger zone”? I got a little tasting of the cereal milk soft serve, and we split the birthday cake truffles.

Tastes like birthday cake, but bite-sized, ultra crumbly, and better. The multi-colored crumbs are like little specks of scrump-diddly-uptious happiness.

M. Wells – the all too delicious, middle-of-nowhere restaurant that serves veal brains and bone marrow for Sunday brunch. Joseph, Jenina, Josh and I (Team J?) oh so patiently waited an hour and a half to get seated, and then some for our meals. Luckily, M. Wells is a restaurant that is Wells worth the wait! (Pun intended. Har har).

Three out of the four of us ended up ordering the breakfast hot dog, an item that we were ferociously eyeballing for the few minutes we spent inside the tiny establishment. (We rushed to wait outside because the tension from the chefs and waiters was getting to us… too hectic, it was way too ironchef-esque for our liking.)

Slathered in this spicy, creamy, yellow sauce, relish, and egg, this was easily the most delicious hot dog I’ve ever had. Forget Papaya Dog. Forget hot dogs from Yankees Stadium. Forget Nathan’s. Forget Crif Dogs, which I haven’t even had, only heard of. M. Well’s breakfast hot dog FTW.

The Dinosaur Exhibition was the next destination after M. Wells, even though I really just wanted to sit and not move after eating a 10 pound hot dog sandwich. Although I shouldn’t complain because we did sit for a good amount of time considering we accidentally got on the express train that went all the way to 125th St… when we should have gotten off 40 streets earlier.

When finally made it to the Museum of Natural History, we picked up some space ice cream for dessert, surreptitiously chowed it down because eating was probably prohibited, and then headed to the highly anticipated dino exhibiton. It was just incredible. How the HELL did these salad-eating dinosaurs get so HUGE?! The exhibition did not answer my question.

Hot Dog #2 I thought I would have been sick of hot dogs after breakfast, but fate proved me wrong. We headed back to LIC for Lindsay’s birthday party, where I was tempted with what became my second hot dog of the day. It wasn’t as big as the first, but that doesn’t matter when it’s smothered with sauerkraut, onions, ketchup and mustard.

The hot dog was of course complemented with some delicious homemade sangria (did I really drink Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday?! Unprecedented, since college.) And then we finished off dinner by stuffing some homemade dessert into the puddin’ pocket – vanilla bean ice cream, strawberry ice cream, watermelon sorbet, and berry syrup… yes I tried all of them. Gluttony is my one true vice.

Now what do I have to look forward to this weekend?

Oh yeah, the Taylor Swift concert with Cara in Boston. Oh happy days!



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