I’m no Eat, Pray, Love girl

I haven’t done leisure reading in what seems like forever – it’s unfortunate because it used to be a beloved pastime of mine, back when I had the time. I know, I know – “I don’t have enough time” should never be an excuse for anything. So from here on out, I’ll be making time for my new 835 page book (that’s basically written in fine-print-sized font).

The last two novels I read for leisure were Eat, Pray, Love and The Lovely Bones – both I started over a year ago, neither of which I finished. Unfortunately, the aforementioned novels weren’t even that enjoyable, so I guess I couldn’t even categorize it as leisure reading.

I had high expectations for Eat, Pray, Love – a novel I bet you’d think I’d go for. I read so many great reviews, and the always classic Julia Roberts was going to be starring in its movie adaptation – naturally, I anticipated it to be infinitely better than what it had turned out to be.  Eat, Pray, Love turned out be a novel that I just couldn’t get myself lost in. I kept hoping that something more exciting than a bowl of pasta or a prayer incantation was going to happen, but nothing. I almost wanted to see the movie, but I figured since movies are never as good as the book, it wasn’t worth my $15. Instead, I wisely spent my $15 and went on my own all-carb diet in Little Italy – it was the only thing Eat, Pray, Love inspired me to do.

The Lovely Bones was just bland. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, because I feel like a wretched human being saying that about a novel with a semi-dead girl who got raped and murdered as its main protagonist. Coincidentally, The Lovely Bones also got turned into a movie that I never saw.

Joseph recently purchased the Game of Thrones novel, which I actually stole and started on the train ride to work this morning. It hasn’t been adapted into a movie, but it has been turned into an HBO series that has already been signed for a second season. I absolutely LOVED the first season even though there were an excessive amount of characters and events that often confused me… but regardless! I love it. Game of Thrones is like… an adult version of Harry Potter with less magic, more sex scenes (standard HBO) and probably an equal amount of dragons. It’s rather provocative in the nerdiest sense possible.

I have a strong feeling that this novel is going to be even better than the TV series. You know it’s going to be good when you’re squashed in like a sardine against the door of an overcrowded subway, yet still enthrallingly lost in the book.



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One Comment on “I’m no Eat, Pray, Love girl”

  1. June 23, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    I saw both, and read neither. You didn’t miss much at all, in fact I couldn’t even finish Eat, Pray, Love it was so boring :)

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