celebrate we will

Always be celebrating – celebrate yourself, celebrate your loved ones, celebrate life. Celebrate the big things, celebrate the little things, celebrate everything in between. Sounds totally cheesy, but it’s something I always have and always will wholeheartedly believe in. Celebrating is an action associated with happiness, so why not find any excuse to do it all the time?

Yesterday was mine and Joseph’s 7 month anniversary. He insisted that I leave work punctually at 5:15 sharp for some surprise he had been mischievously planning. At 5:15, I was obediently and anxiously waiting, and within minutes, I was whisked away into NYC rush hour traffic. Joseph had rented a zipcar to take me to the Medieval Times!

The medieval sustenance consisted of half a chicken, a rib, tomato soup, garlic bread, apple pie, and a potato each – all consumed with no utensils. The show itself was brilliantly corny and utterly amusing. Hands down, it beat out any and all ritzy, expensive NYC restaurants – I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking to unpretentiously, creatively, and cheesily impress a girl (or guy). I was certainly swept off my feet, or (luckily for Joseph) maybe I’m just not that high maintenance ;)

Best part of the evening? We sat in the “royalty” section, fashionably sporting black and white paper crowns and waving our black and white banners while watching the knight of our black and white kingdom win! (He beat out the 5 other knights. Mmmhmmm, that’s right.) It was also very cute when the king made all the special announcements for the kid who turned 7 and another kid who graduated elementary school and you get the idea. #foreveryoung

Medieval Times was only appropriate after my post professing my nerdy love for Game of Thrones Joseph certainly knows the way to my heart.

Fortunately for him, I also know the way to his heart. I surprised him on our 7 month eve (so gay. and proud.) by bringing back his favorite BBQ from Fette Sau – it’s basically food porn for the meat lover. I equate his reaction to the surprise bbq dinner to one that I would have if I received a basket full of sparkling diamonds. Who knew bbq could elicit such happiness?! That and a bottle of Cornellius Applejack. #mangifts.

“Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain.”


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