rudely barging in on a white veil occasion

It was almost college again. Except for the fact that we went out one night, had three shots + a few sips of beer, got schwasty cakes, and called it a night for, oh, basically the rest of the weekend. (We’re that lightweight).

The above shows evidence that we’re young, lively, energetic 22 year olds who made it out for a night of celebratory debauchery in honor of our highly-anticipated reunion. Proof lies in the background of the dark bar …and the empty shot glasses of SoCo lime lined up on the table that are unfortunately not shown, but I swear they existed.

The below shows evidence of the commencement of a weekend-long food marathon – Cara and I were neither conservative nor lady like with our eating habits while in each others’ presence. It all started with the good ol’ hangover cure at The Friendly Toast – a very quirkily cute brunch spot – to unleash it all.

We both got the egg white omelet with vegetarian bacon, corn, olives and cheese, and a side of the usual home fries. It almost sounds healthy with the mention of egg whites, vegetarian bacon, and miscellaneous vegetables, but that was offset with the Twizzlers and Raisinettes we had for lunch, and the Ruffles potato chips we had for dinner. #backtocollege! Freshman fifteen in a weekend!

Oh, did I mention we didn’t move for a good ten or so hours? Yeah we had a Harry Potter Marathon – got through about 2 and a half Harry Potters and PTFO’ed for the night. Life of two energetic, hard-partying 22 year olds!

I ended my lovely weekend in Boston with a bbq at Gabe’s (where we celebrated Cara’s acceptance to med school and their two year anniversary :), and then the Taylor Swift concert, which I was certainly well-rested (and well-fed) for.
We were told by the jolly ol’ Godiva chocolate man that Taylor Swift doesn’t go on until the sun sets. I refused to believe that my bff taytay was a total diva – I took it as she just wanted her fans to be able to enjoy the gorgeous sunset… now isn’t that sweet of her! It looks like the sunset was photoshopped into the picture, doesn’t it? Beautifully unbelievable – haven’t seen one like it since Ithaca.

We spent the concert crammed between tween girls, boyfriends and daddies – and unfortunately, we were up in the nose bleed seats. I occasionally zoomed my lenses in, snapped the picture, and then zoomed in on the photo to get a better view of the stage. If you look very closely, you can see Miss Swift’s feet on the stairs behind the curtain (I had to really zoom in on this one):

But no big deal! A wise man once said, “everyone’s listening to the same song – doesn’t matter if they paid $50 or $500, they’re hearing the same thing.”

I swooned, I sighed, I squealed, I sang along, and I was so enchanted to meet her – in the straightest way possible!

Now I’m looking forward to returning to Boston for 4th of July weekend and this time, I’m taking the boyfriend with me – can’t wait!


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