happy birthday dear America, happy birthday to you

My 4th of July weekend commenced with Harry Potter #7 (need to refresh for this Friday’s viewing of #7 part II!) and Indian chips. Doesn’t sound like the typical bbq kick-start to commemorate America’s birthday, but it was definitely all I needed after the most exhausting week I’ve had in a while.

So for Joseph’s dad’s birthday, his parents sent us both a care package filled with goodies to help him celebrate from afar. (Is that not the most adorable thing ever?) One of the many treats was “Far Far Bhindi Cut” – since it’s on the label, I’m assuming that’s what the chips are called… feel free to elucidate.

We followed the said directions from Dorothy (Joseph’s lovely mom), and the chips turned out delicious. The initial taste was similar to popcorn, and the after taste was similar to tortillas… it’s the happiest looking food I’ve ever seen. (The ones in my hand are the uncooked ones… they puff up in seconds, it’s so fun to watch. Or I’m just easily amused.)
Watching Harry Potter and witnessing bright, colorful Indian chips puff up before my eyes was the best start to this weekend – all I could’ve asked for, really.

And then we were off to Boston for another reunion!

Again, nothing too crazy the night Joseph and I got into Boston – we were saving ourselves for Monday. We watched Unknown, which was a bit too convoluted for my liking. I love all movies that Liam Neeson has been in, so I was excited for this one. Most drama/thriller movies tend to unravel its mysteries little by little, scene by scene. With Unknown, we were all confused for the longest time, and then everything unravelled all at once. And then it was over. Mediocre at best.

Before starting The Exorcist, we decided to take a break and head to JP Licks for some pre-horror-movie comfort food aka an excuse to fill up on really tasty ice cream. Joseph was feeling a bit festive and decided to go all out with some star-spangled sprinkles over his two giant scoops. He originally asked for three scoops, and then thought twice once he saw the size of that thing.

I got the milkshake with mint chocolate chip hard yogurt and skim milk… figured going with the “skinny” option would redeem me from the gluttonous amounts of food I consumed this weekend… I ate approximately 5 times my weight. Not even exaggerating. I’m disgusted with myself but don’t regret any of it.I’m happy to say that we left Boston no longer virgins of JP Licks!

4th of July. The day we were all saving ourselves for. Here’s one of the more normal automatic-timed photos of the group of us… (more dysfunctional looking variations were taken, are you surprised?)Granted, this was taken (before, after, or during? Can’t remember) a few rounds of Asshole, a failed attempted at 14 (you have to have a damn good memory for that game), and  just plain drinking for the sake of drinking.
We ended the evening with a rooftop BBQ and a fantastic view of the fireworks – they were perfect and breathtaking and all kinds of beautiful. Gabe was able to capture a photo of Cara and I with the sky and clouds looking just phenomenally blue. Now there’s some red, white and blue for ya.

So to end the weekend of irrevocably unhealthy eating, we got a ritzy lunch from Roy Rogers for the bus ride back to the city. I basically demanded Roy – I haven’t had it since I was a kid. The one I used to go to had closed down, much to the disappointment of my 9 year old self. It was my favorite out of all the fast food chains, so I happily and shamelessly indulged.

It is GOOD to be back in the city and I’m glad I’ll be here for (at least) the next few weekends. Now I should probably fit a gym session in sometime/everyday this week.


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