When Joseph took me to Kate Spade this past weekend, I spent way too long looking at all the glorious bags/clothes/shoes/jewelry. The products are all so beautifully mystifying, really – especially the sparkly stuff. I spent an even longer time deliberating between what I should end up with – I nearly had a anxiety attack. Good thing I had my girls there to help me rationalize!

Here are the four items that I had the toughest time choosing between/giving up:

4. the Deb shoe in pink suede

It is everything an adorable shoe should be. Simple, comfortable, bright, easy to dress up with a skirt, easy to dress down with a pair of jeans, and down right fabulous. Unfortunately, it’s also the kind of shoe that I could easily get for less than $298 at an Aldo or Steve Madden.

3. the Essex Scout

I adore this casual cross-body. I’ve been on the hunt for an off-white/cream leather bag, and this is it. Unfortunately, the $395 price tag made the tears well up in my eyes. I know they sell variations of this bag in the market for significantly less, but Kate Spade was able to perfect this style. It’ll be a big-girl purchase for some time in the future.

2. The Cobble Hill Kimberly

Believe it or not, I was torn between this and the jacket for an inexcusably long time. Joseph joked, “honestly, I didn’t think you’d come to Kate Spade and pick out a fanny pack of all things,” but when I tried it on.. it was love. It was the cutest. thing. ever. Yeah, fanny packs are touristy, cheesy, outdated, and you may mock people who wear them. But I was so adamant on bringing the trend back if I got it. I had even envisioned all the outfits I could wear the lovely Cobble Hill Kimberly with – pathetic, really.

1) Noura Cafe Coat in lipstick pink

I was equally enamored with this mod 60’s inspired coat. It looked adorable on the hanger, and even better on – the best reason to buy! Since I was having the hardest time choosing, Cara, Molly, Al and Joe all pitched in to help me rationalize picking this jacket over the fanny pack. The fanny pack was still full priced, while the Noura coat was on sale. Since it’s clearance season, it might just be the only time I could get it in my size before running out. I’ve already had an experience where a beloved Kate Spade dress ran out of size 0, which was quite tragic. I profusely regretted not buying it when I could, and was remorseful for days. Haha I’m so painfully dramatic.

So guess what? I’m assuming no one wanted the fanny pack because it’s cheesy and obsolete, because now the poor thing’s on sale. But it’s good for me, because I’m going to get it and bring the trend back. Plus, I can bring Joseph in to get another 25% off on top of the sale – my human coupon!


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