working hard or hardly working?

Like I’ve mentioned a few times already, work has been crazy. I’ve been mainly preparing for the FW ’11 e-commerce launch while juggling a couple other miscellaneous projects. At least I have comfort in knowing that I’m certainly not alone with the workload – Josh is busy getting our name out there & etc.; Stephanie’s booked with running operations & etc.; Luna’s doing graphic design for everything from t-shirts to my sister’s wedding invitations & etc., I could go on about everyone.

Since Onassis is a start-up (1 year old come August), we all have to wear multiple hats – we often joke about putting “& etc.” next to our main titles on our business cards. It’s certainly nice to be able to make a splash and have such a presence in a company – especially for kids like us who just graduated in 2010. Fun fact: the “kids” make up about 1/3rd of corporate. The downside to this is that it’s a massive amount of work, which doesn’t come without a bit of anxiety every so often.  Hence, today was the Onassis team outing to the big guy’s beautifully enormous house in Westport, CT for some much-needed bonding/relaxation. Hooray for some sanity and a tan!

I love that picture Josh tweeted – basically sums up the day!

Obviously, an excessive amount of food was involved. Corn, chicken, sausages, garlic bread, fruit, chips, the infamous 7-layer dip, cobb salad, grilled veggies, cheeseburger sliders, and I think that was it.

Oh and then there was dessert. My coworkers had a delicious red velvet cake and Disney Princess (duh) cupcakes ready for me, it was the best!Excessive amounts of food seem to have been following me around lately – I just haven’t been able to escape it. But like Roopali says, calories don’t count on your birthday. And by birthday, I think she means the weekend before your birthday up until the weekend after your birthday. A whole 10 days of guiltless eating!

Team O, hard at work.

Happy Monday!


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