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I’m going to celebrate the official day of my birth with a post about my favorite cupcake bakery: Chikalicious. It’s only appropriate!

Nestled on 10th St between 1st and 2nd Ave, it’s a small nook that you’d easily miss if you weren’t paying attention. That’s what happened the first time I sought out the bakery, after my sister introduced me to the famous red velvets on my 21st birthday. They tasted like heaven on earth, but they were so sinfully, gluttonously delicious that they may as well have been hell on earth.

That summer, Chikalicious cupcakes made a strong presence in my diet –  I would have easily blown up like Harry Potter’s Aunt Marge had I not been such a spinning fiend.

Since then, I’ve been trying out other bakeries to see if I’d stumble across an even better cupcake. I can’t even imagine what that would be like, I’d probably start hallucinating and seeing stars.

I’ve been to Sugar Sweet Sunshine, the Cupcake Stop, Buttercup Bakery, Crumbs, Magnolia’s, Baked by Melissa’s, Cafe Angelique, Buttercream, and a multitude of other places but my memory is currently failing me.  And I have yet to find one that trumps Chikalicious. Some were a close second/third, while others (mostly the chains) were rather mediocre. Sub par at best. My search for a better-than-Chikalicious-cupcake continues!

The mastermind behind these baked goods is Chika, a cute little Japanese lady. There’s so much to love about her cupcakes –

  1. the rich, whipped frosting (that isn’t piled sky high like most bakeries.)
  2. the unbelievably moist, ultra dense cake (that is far from dry and crumbly like most bakeries)
  3. the way both the frosting and cake simultaneously melt slowly enough for you to indulge and savor every bite.

It’s everything the perfect cupcake should be. I could eat them voraciously in two whole bites if I wanted to (my sister’s fiance can eat them in one bite), but that wouldn’t be right.



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