girls can change the wold

Dirt Candy: “Anyone can cook a hamburger, but leave the vegetables to the professionals.”

After about a week of debaucherous eating, I had the pleasure of going to one of NYC’s most deliciously healthy restaurants.

A few months ago, my roommate came back raving about Dirt Candy and how innovative the dishes were. It sparked my curiosity to check out the menu which – to my surprise – completely pays homage to all the good stuff grown in dirt. The menu consists of your everyday vegetables, but transformed into these inimitable plates – they’re reminiscent of dishes to the likes of Eleven Madison Park, just served in a far less pretentious environment. Since then, I’ve been dying to go.

And last night, I went! As an adamant fan of produce, its veggie infested menu did not disappoint.

Snack: Jalepeno hush puppies. I’m a huge supporter of spicy food – so of course, I loved how the jalepenos added a nice kick to every bite. They were delicious. In fact, (not to put anything else on the menu down,) these were mine and Joseph’s favorite out of all the dishes we had. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good photo of these babies because of the dim ambiance – it was before I realized I could use Joseph’s Android flashlight as an external source of lighting.


Mushroom: portobello mousse, truffled toast, pear and fennel compote. I have a proclivity to order anything/everything that includes “truffle” in its menu description. It’s the one ingredient that never lets me down, and one day, I shall eat a real truffle mushroom.


Cauliflower: buttermilk battered cauliflower, waffles, horseradish, wild arugula. Who would have thought syrup and fruit could be substituted with horseradish and vegetables? I’ve never had savory waffles before, but I’m digging them now.

Corn: stone ground grits, corn cream, pickled shiitakes, huitlacoche, tempura poached egg. Even Joseph, a die-hard carnivore, enjoyed the corn dish! (…unless he faked his enthusiasm for the meal, but he’s generally pretty genuine :)


Watermelon & Radish: Beignets, jelly candies and sorbet. Believe it or not, it’s all made out of watermelon radishes, much to Joseph’s dismay. He enjoyed the beignets, candy, and watermelon sorbet, but left the radish sorbet for me. It tasted exactly like the vegetable, but in ice cream form. Kind of trippy, but delectable nonetheless.

Of course, Joseph hazed me into drinking a rose because it was my birthday. A toast to being 23 years young :)

It was like Christmas morning when I got back to my apartment last night. Joseph’s parents’ sent me a birthday package, which I had the time of my life opening.

His parents have a daycare, and they got all their kids to make birthday cards for me – they were the cutest things ever. I’ve never felt more loved by strangers before!

I adored all the cards, but Lucy’s was my favorite (don’t tell the other kids!) There were so many little messages embedded in that card: “Girls Rock,” “Girls vs Boys,” “I hope you have a grate sumer” (with an arrow pointing to the 2nd “m” that got let out), and my personal favorite, “Girls can change the wold!!” Reminds me of the snail mail I used to send my sister when I was small and innocent.

After digging through the mound of birthday cards from the miniature cutie pies, I came across a beautiful black and white wooden jewelery box – right up my alley! The box held 6 smaller drawers in it, each filled with fun little goodies – I felt like a kid in a candy shop :)

Just like how I loved all the birthday cards, I adored all the tiny trinkets. But I did have a special favorite – this gorgeous gold frog ring. It’s just a reminder that you gotta kiss a few frogs to get to the Prince Charming (who has wonderful parents to boot!)


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