ABC, delicious (& pretty) as can be

To conclude my birthday festivities, Michelle and Mike treated me and Joseph to dinner last night at the lovely ABC Kitchen. Coincidentally, it also happens to appear on the list of NYC’s healthiest restaurants. Want to know how to turn a perfectly healthy restaurant unhealthy? Use “well, if this is good for you…” as an excuse to eat ravenously.  Sigh, portion control fail on my part. Food is my vice, there’s nothing else I can say.

The ambiance was so beautiful, delicate, and romantic. According to Michelle, it was a very “me” restaurant – #girlynshit.

Oh, and fun fact: The business gurus who own ABC Kitchen and ABC Carpet & Home also own the building that inhabits the two. Can’t even imagine the astronomical profits they must be racking in without having to pay NYC rent…

And of course, here’s the run through of what we all got:


For our appetizers, we shared four “Market Table” plates: roasted beets with house made yogurt; marinated olives; roasted squash with parmesan and lemon; and warmed fresh mozzarella with toast. I generally like beets, but I was a bit skeptical about the yogurt. Always be willing to try out new things.. because it turned out to be the favorite among our table!


Now is that not a thing of beauty? I got the black sea bass with chilies and herbs, baby market potatoes and spinach. The fish was exceptionally flavorful, yet still light. I loved the touch of chilies to the dish – they make your taste buds dance. To top off my barbaric appetite, I got a side of corn sauteed with shredded manchego, jalepenos and lime. So scrumptious, I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. Spicy entree with a spicy side – now that’s how I like it.

Joseph ordered the cherry and bacon pizza – two toppings that you’d think would taste deplorable together, but it was – in fact – the perfect juxtaposition of salty and sweet. The whole wheat pizza was covered with so much arugula that it looked and tasted as healthy as a bacon pizza could look and taste.  The deception..(?)

Michelle got the roast suckling pig, with smoked bacon marmalade and grilled baby leeks. When I forked off a piece, the meat melted right off – it was reminiscent of the consistency of pulled pork. I’m not a huge meat-eater, but it was so tender and juicy that I probably could have taken a few more bites.

Mike ordered the akaushi cheeseburger with herbed mayo and pickled jalepenos. Akaushi is a breed of Japanese cattle that produces meat with a number of health benefits  that the waitress rambled on about. The meat is known to lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and support weight loss – Mike was sold.

I’d have to say it’s not for the spicy-sensitive though. The beads of sweat came pouring down Mike’s face about 2 minutes into the burger. I tried a bite and it was amazing – although I thought it could have used a few more jalapenos.

After a smorgasbord of appetizers, my entree, AND my side, I debated on ordering the final course. But then what’s a birthday dinner sans dessert?  A crime, that’s what it would be. And I wouldn’t be able to bare the guilt if I denied it. On top of the mini chocolate cupcake, I got the chocolate bread pudding with raspberry sorbet and house made maraschino cherries. Your mouth should be watering if it isn’t already.

If I were a food critic, I’d get myself fired. I never have anything bad to say about the edibles! The other day, I proposed a rule where I can’t go to the same restaurant more than once. There are just so many options in the city! I worry that if I go somewhere multiple times, I’m missing out on opportunities where I could be discovering a new favorite restaurant that I’ll never go to again because of that rule.


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