summer’s only redeeming quality

“The nearness of the water may loosen her four hundred and three inhibitions.” – a Cancer descriptor plucked from a huge list of frighteningly accurate traits I embody. (I have a penchant for horoscopes and astrology and all that nonsense – call me crazy, but I find them completely fascinating.)

Joseph and I ventured to Long Beach this past Friday to celebrate our 8 months together – what did I say about celebrating the little things? :) Long Beach was a bit different from beaches to the likes of Seaside (aka Sleezeside) which is what I’ve grown used to. Oh dirty Jersey, how I’ve escaped you! I noticed it was less infested with overly tanned guidos who have necks that are unproportionally thick in comparison to the size of their heads. To my dismay, there was also a slight deficiency of a boardwalk lined with little shops that sold funnel cake, pizza, hermit crabs, trashy swimwear, greasy fries, frozen yogurt, and all that good stuff. But it’s okay, I guess – all I really needed was the water, especially in this perpetual heat wave.

I may have been born in July, and I may be a Cancer to a tee, but I am no child of the summer. I abhor the heat with a flaming passion. During the winter, you can layer on as many clothes as you’d like to stay warm. When it’s (what feels like) 500 degrees out, you can only take off your clothes to a certain extent until you’re finally naked. And then what do you wear so as not to be publicly shunned? Anyway, I digress. Summer’s only redeeming quality: weather warm enough for me to splash around in my beloved ocean.

I love the water. I may not be the best swimmer, but in another life time (and in another fantasy world), I bet I was a mermaid. The debilitating heat of the sun gets me cranky and irritable, but the sound and feel of the waves brought me to such a sheer state of contentment and calmness – there’s so much veracity to the Cancer descriptor I started this entry with. This weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so I think I’m going to have to make a trip back to Long Beach in the near future to stay sane.

Joseph chest bumping the waves with all the manliness he can muster.

His & hers. I’m actually making pretty good progress in Free Food for Millionaires

We concluded the night with From Dusk to Dawn (1996), with the accompaniment of homemade popcorn with not-homemade-but-mass-produced popcorn seasoning – the best thing ever. Kettle corn was the superior option, but I still scarfed down all the white cheddar popcorn. There are kids starving in third world countries! Can’t waste a single kernel.

The movie was nuts. George Clooney looked young and handsome, Salma Hayek was ravishing as usual, Quentin Tarantino was creepy as ever. It was definitely a fun (somewhat) vintage summer flick full of  “what the fuck” moments (especially since I had no background knowledge of the plot whatsoever).

Magic 8. :)


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