I’d rather be broke and young

Forget those measly $5 foot longs at Subway – the $4.25 pork sandwich from Bahn Mi Saigon is where it’s at.

I’ve become a bit conservative with my money lately (especially in terms of food) since I have a few events coming up in the near future that I need to save for: Kentucky, a wedding in Princeton, Miami, Michelle and Mike’s wedding in Jamaica, a Caribbean cruise… and I confess, I’ve successfully failed at budgeting for the aforementioned vacations, and now it’s all coming down to saving during the last possible weeks I have. Living and working in the city seriously nickel and dimes the shit out of you – and it doesn’t help when you have an unfortunate proclivity to do things last minute (ie budgeting smartly)… one of my many flaws.

And that’s why we have places like Trader Joe’s and Bahn Mi Saigon that sell cheap Port and Vietnamese sandwiches for broke twenty-something year olds like me! Well whatever, I’d rather be broke, young, and living in the city than old, rich, and living elsewhere. Better if I could have the best of both worlds, but that’s just the reality of my lovely life :)

You can find this little hidden gem of a Vietnamese take out restaurant in Little Italy, on Grand between Mulberry and Mott. The establishment is somewhat ghetto. The space hosts two businesses – a jewelry shop at the entrance and then the sandwich section towards the back – with no partitions. So I guess you can take your special lady to Bahn Mi Saigon, let her pick out a fine piece of jewelry, and go right on back for a $4.25 Vietnamese sandwich date? What’s that saying, kill two birds with one stone?

As you can probably tell, I’m one of those people who always has their camera on them… I find the need to keep it around for all those unexpected moments I’d like to document. Unfortunately, I didn’t carry my camera to Bahn Mi Saigon, which explains the horrible photo quality from my Blackberry. I needed to photograph it before I ate the last half! Blog posts are boring without pictures.

I voraciously scarfed down that hefty bahn mi for lunch – the crushed pork was sweet and chewy, the hot peppers were perfectly spicy, the pickled carrots and daikon added a sour kick, the cucumbers gave the sandwich a nice crunch, the cilantro added extra flavor, and you can never go wrong with mayo – all that goodness in one bite. (Maybe paying $4.25 made it a notch tastier). Best part was that it was an authentic product of a place that isn’t a chain. Beats Baoguette and sure as hell beats Subway.

I’m always shocked to find nothing but a few crumbs left after a [very] few minutes of chomping away. How do I manage to eat so fast!? So unladylike, but I just can’t hold myself back.


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