Wall St. Madison Ave.

Free Food for Millionaires reminds me a lot of Mad Men – but instead of pompous Caucasian ad men, it’s the Asian Wall St. guys who are living their lives around the egregious lies they tell in attempt to circumvent cheating. The plot is uncanny to the TV show – take Ted, the head of some department at an investment firm, for instance. He ditches his perfect, subservient, beautiful trophy wife for an administrative assistant at work: a ravishing red-haired, blue-eyed, porcelain-skinned beauty with voluptuous curves and a feisty attitude. Can you say Joan Holloway? I would have accused one of influencing the other, but Min Jin Lee’s novel was published in 2007 and coincidentally, Mad Men premiered the same year.

The only difference between Mad Men and Free Food for Millionaires is that you’re painfully aware of the inner turmoil the characters endure in the novel (written in third person omniscient); while the TV series makes infidelity seem like cake – so easy and casual, it could pass for a trend that everyone’s doing. I have to admit, reading the book and watching Mad Men really got to my head– let’s just say Joseph had to occasionally deal with my unhealthy bouts of paranoia and insecurity aka I worried that these wretched incidents could inevitably manifest themselves in my own life. (I think he’s relieved I’m going back to Game of Thrones.) He handles my crazy like a professional. (Hey, I’m only human).

Speaking of which… have I mentioned how excited I am for Banana Republic’s Mad Men­-inspired line? (From cheating to fashion… I have ADD.) It’s old news, but it’s still worthy of a blog entry especially since it’s debuting in about a month. Here are some of my favorite outfits:

Modest & classic, but still sexy. ..although I’d prefer a deeper neckline in some pieces – hey, flaunt ‘em if you got ‘em right? I am loving the A-line silhouettes, the prints, and the vintage femininity that exudes from each look. Beauteous.

Very debonair. Very well played, BR.


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