who, me?

I was reading Taylor’s adorable blog about the “interesting tidbits that make her… her” and I got inspired to make my own little list of things that make me… me. I enjoyed writing this, just because it’s always fun to remember the things that makes you… you. :) (Okay, I’ll stop with the ellipses and object pronouns).

I’m introverted, but I can occasionally be a pretty indubious social butterfly.

Being in the center of attention is nice, but it’s not anything I’d demand in a social setting. “He recalled how she’d have to talk herself into speaking to strangers at parties and pretend she was good at being social. Her performance was sufficiently convincing, so no one thought she was shy or insecure. But when she didn’t try, she was viewed as aloof.” Reading Free Food for Millionaires felt like I was reading my own biography.

Unlike most people, winter is my favorite season.

What’s not to love about the cold? It’s the perfect time to make warm mulled wine. It’s when you see the first snow fall. It’s a no-sweat season. It’s the comfort in hot soup. It’s Christmas and holiday music and giving and receiving and the New Year and Valentine’s Day – all within months of each other. It’s ice skating and watching trees and houses light up and decorating. It’s when you feel the warmth of your hot coco spiked with peppermint schnapps travel down your esophagus into your belly. It’s coziness and snuggies and snuggles. It’s re-watching holiday flicks like Elf and Love Actually. It’s the culmination of happiness.

I’ve never been a science/math person. (Have I failed as an Asian?) I’ve always been more of an “English” geek.

 I find big words enticing, and I love learning them. I occasionally highlight or jot down unfamiliar words that I come across and look it up later – nerd alert: the dictionary and thesaurus are my bibles.

If I could only choose one food group to eat from for the rest of my life, carbohydrates would be the winner. 

Pasta, cereal, bagels, and ramen galore! (And potatoes. They’re a vegetable, but since they’re so high in carbs, I’m counting them in this food group.) They’re such comfort food, I can’t even fathom how people could succumb to the no-carb diet… what an incredulous thought.

Baking, cooking, cleaning, folding laundry are my stress and anxiety alleviators

They bring me to a state of calm – embarrassingly domestic, I know.

I would love to live in the countryside one day in the far future and have a big white house with Tiffany blue shutters, a giant front and back yard, and a wrap-around porch where I can sit and sip on a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think there are many opportunities in the fashion industry outside of highly populated cities… not 100% sure what I’d do in the country except enjoy the exorbitant greenery, lack of excessive concrete, sunsets that aren’t blocked by skyscrapers, and of course, standard southern pleasantries.

I’ve recently developed a fondness for lipstick.

I used to wear it sparingly during college whenever I was feeling bold (or tipsy after half a glass of wine). But lately, I’ve been sporting some lip color to more casual occasions – an unpretentious dinner, a day out shopping, a walk through Williamsburg, whenever my heart desires. The occasion to wear lipstick no longer requires a night of hoochie-girl dancing and slut pumps.

Lipstick immediately dresses up a casual outfit, defines the shape of your lips, brightens your lovely face, entices the boys (or boy if you’re off the market) and makes your smile look even more brilliant than it already is. It’s a quick-fix sexy.

I wholeheartedly believe that any dish made with ingredients that give you bad breath will turn out to be delicious. More garlic and onions, the better!

If I could be from any era, the first one that comes to mind is the time period from the late 50’s to early 60’s.

Would you judge me if I said that I wouldn’t be going for the history, but for the Betty Draper dresses and superfluous dabbles with marijuana? Oh well. My incorrigible vices.


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