life’s too short, eat dessert first

A big F U to the MTA.

Thanks to the construction the 7 train has experienced this past weekend, what should have been no more than a half hour ride turned out to be a painfully infuriating two hours on public transportation – the MTA created the most impossibly convoluted detour. I was so livid, and my hunger only exacerbated the situation (always hungry, it’s an ongoing problem.)

So my weekend was mostly coping with my public transportation woes (worst I’ve ever experienced) and being an adult aka running errands (no fun, but it had to be done at some point or another). Luckily, I did have the company of good food and… good company :)

After my tumultuous MTA nightmare of an evening, I got to enjoy some delicious Filipino food from Ihawan – it’s amazing how food can calm your nerves in an instant. Chicken adobo, beef stew, and garlic rice were ordered, all were rapidly devoured, no time for photos to be taken. It was salty, garlicky, meaty, soy-sauce-y and all those wonderful words you can use to describe the best food you’ve ever had. That damn good. Filipino food is officially up there with Indian, Ethiopian and Japanese (specifically spicy ramen) as my most loved cuisines. I’ve got them all tied at #1, because choosing a favorite from those favorites would be like having a favorite child out of all your children.

Because I was so consumed by my fury with the MTA, I completely forgot to give Joseph a Guinness dark chocolate macaroon I got earlier during the day before the public transportation madness commenced. In my state of forgetfulness, I hadn’t realized I had precious cargo in my bag:

But hey, it all ends up the same anyway, right? Joseph still appreciated my gift the same, like I knew he would.

Highlight of my weekend: COOLHAUS. My friend Jaimee’s sisters started the not-your-average ice cream truck concept in LA, and I remember her telling us stories about how Coolhaus venturing on to sets of 30 Rock, The Office, etc. It’s basically the winner of all ice cream trucks – deliciously innovative flavors + cookies that are the shit = the most heavenly ice cream sandwich you will ever consume in your entire existence.

Since I’m perpetually craving ice cream in this weather, I figured I’d put my 2-for-the-price-of-one coupon from Gilt City to good use. (No, I wasn’t fat enough to eat two sandwiches myself – luckily, my momma taught me how to share so I got the second one for Joseph.)

He  got the brown butter + candied bacon ice cream with ginger molasses cookie. Not sure if this one tops the Guinness ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies… might be a tie.

I ordered the olive oil + rosemary with ginger molasses cookie. It was as good as the first one I had, which was a truffle (mushroom) pistachio ice cream sandwiched between two red velvet cookies. Purely delightful.

It must have been coupon day for me, because we continued to BOE to wash the ice cream down with two free glasses of wine before dinner. (Mmm mm mm.) We had been planning to go to Brother Jimmy’s for the 3 B’s (BBQ, beer, and bourbon) since I had a Groupon to get all that and more. Unfortunately, our plans were diverted when we realized it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to drink a pitcher of beer and bourbon on a Sunday night. (Let’s be honest – the alcohol would have all been Joseph’s responsibility. I would’ve felt bad if I sent him to work completely hungover tomorrow!)

We ended up searching for a taco truck that failed to be in its said location. Luckily, we stumbled across a new hidden gem on the way back to my apartment: The Shop.

It was literally a hole in a wall in the garage of a dirty ol’ motorcycle storage/shop. It only served beers and two food items: Texas sausage on a slice of white bread, and spicy bbq pulled pork sandwich – both of which I had. And it was the BEST pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever had! Yes – even better than Fette Sau, the carnivore of carnivore restaurants. (I’m starting to feel like everything I’ve been eating recently has been “the best”..) The spiciness might have given it a bunch of bonus points, though. We found out the recipes were taken right out of Georgia, where the owner of The Shop is from. Again, I ate too fast to take pictures of the beauty of my dinner. Guess we didn’t ditch our plans for BBQ after all!


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