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Today I ate a big fat bagel with cream cheese, a family bag of snow pea crisps (my latest craze), a pack of ginger chews (another new obsession), a whole lot of peanut butter crunch cereal, a chicken malai wrap, and a lime paneer wrap. I love eating like the marathon runner I’m not.

Seems like I have really been embracing frugality these days – and given my $15 overtime budget that I get to spend on dinner, I decided to scope out Seamless Web restaurants that flash only one “$”, with the most number of yellow stars next to it. Guaranteed to be delicious and economical, which is a challenge to find in SoHo where the food is either downright amazing and mind blowingly expensive, or mediocre and mind blowingly expensive.

Horrible Blackberry photo – the only thing you can see clearly is my computer screen.

Good thing Greenwich Village is nearby – home to Thelewala, the most joyous discovery I’ve stumbled across on I have never had Indian wraps before or knew they were part of the cuisine, so I was curious. The wraps are only $4 to $5.50 a piece, and since I had $15 to spend and a $10 delivery minimum to meet, I figured I’d go with two and save the other one for lunch tomorrow. I got the Thelewala Chicken Roll with fried eggs, red onions, house blend spices, lime and a ton of spiciness, and the Lime Paneer Roll with grilled cheese, red onions and coriander. Both were eaten. I am left with no lunch for tomorrow, and I don’t regret it.

Both were overwhelmingly flavorful, savory and full of spices and spiciness. When we eat Indian food, we usually tear off pieces of the bread to scoop up the chicken or wipe up the sauce. The rolls were like the chicken and paneer dishes I usually order, just pre-wrapped in Indian bread to create a conveniently edible wrap sandwich. How brilliant!

Certainly glad I chose Thelewala over Joy Burger Bar. (I’ll save the latter for the next time I work overtime… probably tomorrow).


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