what time is it?

Some girls accomplish the “boyfriend” look quite fabulously when donning over-sized blazers, shirts, sweaters, etc. with touches of feminine accessories here and there. The ladies who can pull it off typically look infinitely cuter than the boys ever could (no offense, guys).

Unfortunately, I don’t really do that sort of look outside of a lazy day at home. I’ve wanted to, and I’ve tried, but it doesn’t feel very me.

For instance, I’ve seen a lot of girls swooning over and/or wearing these over-sized masculine-yet-feminine watches, commonly dubbed the “boyfriend watch” – they’ve been pretty trendy for quite some time. You can dress it down, dress it up, it’s very versatile. They’re glamorously ostentatious and make quite a statement on your pretty little wrist.

My preference, however, lies in dainty, vintage cocktail watches.

I knew I wanted one after watching Don give Betty a jaw droppingly beautiful cocktail watch, reminiscent of a bejeweled bracelet. (Probably a gift to redeem himself from cheating on her with his mistress… I digress). I’d love to wear it with skinny jeans, a blazer cut to my figure, with a plain v-neck. Talk about dressing up n simple ol’ outfit.

Trendy watches like the chunky gold marc jacobs pictured above are great. But fashion is ephemeral, and vintage will always be timeless.



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