DUMBO: a Brooklynite’s dream

The public transportation this weekend was absolutely outrageous – it was the second worst experience I’ve ever endured, second because I wasn’t alone this time. My plans to see the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s fresh water gardens were nearly thwarted  and I almost gave up – I cannot count how many futile transfers we made that probably only got us further from our destination. It was the worst – all I wanted was a cute, recession-friendly (aka free) date to see the garden! Clearly the MTA thought that was too much to ask for.

Luckily, I have a boyfriend who’s far more persistent than I am, and he got me to get me to see my flowers in DUMBO after a good 40-minute bus ride. Unfortunately, we found no blooming foliage even though Time Out NY claimed the “flora of this riverside oasis is at its peak right now.” After spending what seemed like half our day on public transportation, we weren’t going to leave DUMBO after finally making it (…to see a garden with a flower deficiency).

En route to the wine store, we strolled through the most beautiful neighborhoods I’ve ever seen. I’ve never ventured to the DUMBO area, so I had always assumed it was just going an extension of the Financial Disctrict/downtown Brooklyn with their standard high rise buildings and whatnot. Instead, the residential and quaint area channeled more of an Upper East Side feel, but with a beautiful view and more surrounding greenery.

Old firehouse converted into a house. Don’t you just want to have Christmas in there?

I love the bright red door against the robin’s egg blue… too adorable.

After a little MaCallan whiskey tasting at the liquor store, we ended our evening in DUMBO with a bottle of semi-sweet Riesling, on a bench, in front of the sunset, sneaking pours into the little plastic whiskey tasting cups we salvaged. #gayandcheesy, just how we like it.

On our way back to LIC, Joseph drunkenly purchased a $4.99 hibachi grill to make baked beans and bratwurst (which I’ve never had before). I love sausages and hot dogs, so I had high expectations for this mysterious bratwurst. And I was quite disappointed. I have never been a picky eater, but I don’t plan on eating it again.

The highlight of my dinner was, of course, dessert – gourmet s’mores: raspberry marshmallows with chocolate infused graham crackers. Very yummy, but I do prefer traditional s’mores. You can’t get the chocolate melted all over your marshmallow when it’s already infused into the cracker – it just gets your fingers spotted with semi-melted chocolate.

And tonight, I pack for Shelbyville! Flying out tomorrow with my Kentuckian tour guide… #cantwait


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