Shelbyville is for lovers

We got lucky this weekend and were able to escape Irene, just in time!

We had a flight to Kentucky booked for months, and it just so happened to fall on the weekend of the “historic hurricane.” Luckily, we flew out with minimal issues, including few harmless [and inevitable] flight delays. (I call it good karma.) We finally made it to the Burks’ humble abode around 2:30 am (when we were originally scheduled to get in around five hours earlier), and we were welcomed with a midnight snack (by snack, I mean feast) of ruby glazed corned beef, potato salad, and deviled eggs.

Here are a few highlights from the trip:

Home-cooked comfort food

I felt like I was going to be full for days after Kentucky. There was not a moment when I wasn’t keeling over from fullness – imagine Thanksgiving spread out among five days.

The first day I was back in NYC, I didn’t have an appetite all day. Hardly ate a thing, but then I felt pretty famished after work… although I craved nothing.  Everything here is such a downgrade from Joey and Dorothy’s catering. Food away from Shelbyville just seems so sub par… I believe home-cooked, soulful meals have turned me into a total food snob.

Here are some of the goodies – prepare to salivate:

Cinnamon rolls and the juiciest melon for a lovely little breakfast in bed.

The best veggie [mushroom] burger I have EVER had. Thick, juicy, tender, it was like meat but better. Imagine that.

Mac ‘n cheese souffle. The texture, consistency and flavor was absolutely decadent.

Amazing pesto strata on toasties. It was a snack that basically turned into a meal, and then we had dinner.

Country fried ham, biscuits with red-eye gravy or homemade plum jam (neither of which were pictured), Peaches ‘n Cream corn on the cob (devoured too soon for a photo opp) and sweet potato baked in rosemary all the veggies that were used were picked fresh from Gallrein Farms.

Make-your-own BLTs with veggie bacon strips and country biscuits with gravy (not pictured, but worthy of a mention). The nomz.

Caesar salad, tuna noodle casserole, and eggplant casserole: the definition of comfort food. Can’t find it in NYC…

Petting Zoo at Gallrein Farms

I LOVE ANIMALS! And I got to feed all the goats and mini-horses. And I saw chickens and bunnies and llamas and cattle. I felt like a giddy five year old.

My new friend.

Donkey from Shrek made a celebrity appearance.

Mini horse falling in love with Joseph.


3 compartment stomach… that’s what I need.


Not a single dog in Shelbyville has been put to sleep since Joey and Dorothy had started adopting these abused and abandoned dogs – it’s incredible, really. I have never been around so many, and it’s so funny and cute to see all of their different personalities. I’m going through an immense amount of separation anxiety from these little fluffballs right now.

The guard dogs work while we sleep, they keep the intruders out.


Oda Mae.

Winnie, my favorite. A hot dog mix with an ultra long body, short legs, big paws, and a large head. She’s an 8 month old mess.

Just a few of the pups. Oda Mae thinks she’s a lap dog.


All I’ve heard about the Simpsonville Flea Market was that it was amazing and cheap – two words to reel an antique bargain hunter like me in. Everything I got there was significantly less than what I bargain for at any of the flea markets I’ve ever been to. If only I could fly out to Kentucky every weekend to do my prop shopping for the store… if we disregard the plane tickets, Onassis would save so much money on props!

The cutest little stove/oven combo ever. (Disregard the random clothespins on the stove). I need it in my future kitchen.

Colorful things. I like it.


Joseph had been begging to go. Being his parents’ only child, he got what he wanted. :P

He may have lapped me 3 or 4 times. I’m an old lady.

I also learned how to fly a toy airplane (Joseph insisted), toured Louisville, played a number of board/yard games, took in the beauty of the Ohio River, and – of course – spent some quality time with amazing people.

Shelbyville had welcomed us with sunshine and 80 degree weather every day we were there. It has been pretty nice here so far, but I’m still pining to go back. We got to stay an extra day and a half thanks to Irene, but it certainly wasn’t enough – until next time!


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