the hunt for red October

And it’s October.

I had a hot soup for nearly every meal yesterday, and I plan to again today. Best part about the cold? Warm and hearty food, hot chocolate, and not sweating. Worst part? The temptation to splurge on a cab to and fro is quite overwhelming.

Exciting things coming up this month such as…:

Picking apples/pumpkins?

Hopefully that will happen some time this month. Granted I haven’t had a full Saturday and Sunday off without at least a few hours of wedding planning or work related activities interrupting my flow of do-nothingness, so we’ll see. Call me selfish, but I’d like to allocate just one FULL weekend for all play (and pamper) purposes, and no work :) Please please please.

Planning for Halloween.

Joseph and I have a brilliantly nerdy idea planned that we’re very excited to execute – I’m going to be slutty Pikachu and he’s going to be Ash. This Pokemon theme makes me miss college, because I know me and my girls would have been the perfect group of drunk, scandalously-clad Pokemon.

After all, we managed to make the always-innocent Care Bears look a notch less than demure.

Celebrating Onassis’s one year anniversary hosted by Refinery29‘s Kristian Laliberte!

Free food. Free booze (Moonshine, specifically). Models strutting around in our Spring ’12 collection. Fashion is fun. I need to figure out what to wear…

Shopping for shoes to match my chi pao.

After the wedding ceremony, I’ll be switching into a traditional Chinese dress for Michelle’s wedding reception.

My chi pao is pink with silver overlace, so I’m thinking silver shoes might do the trick. So far, I’ve got my eye on the Charm pumps from Kate Spade… ahhh so many sparkles. I love.

Running again.

Finally! I know I’ve said “I don’t have time” is the worst excuse for not going to the gym… well, call me a hypocrite. Haven’t been since August because “I didn’t have time.” Now I’m happily sore after running a measly 3 miles! I know I say this about every time I blog about exercising but… I’m going to keep it up! I need to. I’m already unusually tall for an Asian, I can’t be tall AND large.

Watching Arrested Development again!

I don’t think the new episodes are starting in October, but I’m excited nonetheless. I’ve already started rewatching Arrested Development from season 2 now that all the shows are on hulu – Absolute. Hilarity. There isn’t another show that makes me laugh harder! I’m so inspired to be Tobias one year for Halloween…

Going to Miami.

I realized a while back that I may not have the funds to keep up with my sister and her friends, so I’ve got a plan. While they’re off doing rich people things, I’ll just go work out and bask in the sun – cheap and useful – I’ll get fit and tan. (Jersey girl born and bred.)

For the first night, we have reservations at Prime 112 where they serve caviar and $12 potatoes. Tater tots for $12? Seriously? Granted, they do look very much worth it, but I need a raise before I can start eating those potato concoctions. My plan? Bring a brown bagged dinner from Micky D’s. #classact.

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