is NYC worth it?

A very happy belated housewarming to one of my favorite couples, Molly and Al :)

A few weekends ago, Joseph and I ventured to Philly to see and celebrate Molly and Al’s new, beautiful and HUGE (1200 square feet to be specific) apartment.

We rang in their housewarming with little soiree complete with the most delicious hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, which we had the honor of helping prepare.

Three-ingredient stuffed mushrooms: mushrooms, pesto (home made by the lovely Fran Caccamo), and Gruyere cheese. The simplicity of this recipe gave this already scrumptious treat even more bonus points.

Chocolate mousse (you’d be surprise the main ingredient was tofu) and a yummy cheese platter.

The salsa Molly made was especially innovative – there were pomegranate seeds, tangerines, and a few standard salsa ingredients like avocado. Incredibly tasty and healthy to boot! I especially loved the artichoke dip – it was loaded up with chopped garlic, which gave it such intense flavoring (in the best possibly way) ..and gave me wretched breath.

Highlight of their apartment? How absolutely enormous it was. And they’re basically paying as much as I’m paying for my teeny tiny hole of a room in the basement complete with no windows, no closet, and just enough space for a bed. Apartments like theirs require me to remind myself (perpetually) about how much I love NYC, despite its ridiculous, ever-increasing rent.

Not packing up my things and fleeing to Philly for a cheap, huge apartment because…

  • Except for the weekends when I want to destroy the MTA, public transportation is occasionally convenient. I can get anywhere.
  • I’m close enough to Parsippany to get some home-cooked Chinese food, but far enough to stay sane.
  • Rastafarian bands in Union Square. They are so happy.
  • All of my favorite brands are located within walking distance of one another. Not that I have $$ to spend, but it’s comforting to know they’re so easily accessible for that one day when I get a raise and/or bonus and/or win the lottery. #startupwoes
  • Really cheap and really good food – not including fast food. You can find inexpensive food anywhere, but the quality is sometimes questionable.
  • All the ethnic foods you can imagine.
  • A diverse selection of food trucks – ice cream sandwiches, froyo, dumplings, mex, greek, juice, waffles, artisan gelato…
  • Chinatown! My hood.
  • Flea markets, street fairs, sample sales, museums. All unrelated, but NYC has a lot of them.
  • Stylish people. So much fashion inspiration in just a half hour of people watching in SoHo on a lunch break.
  • Occasional celebrity sitings.
  • My boyfriend, my job, and my friends are conveniently located here.
  • & etc. It’s THE city. It’s worth it.

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