making a list, checking it twice

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been diligently checking the to do’s off my fall bucket list! I’m not totally sure how I’ve been able to manage that considering last weekend was my first FULL weekend off in what seemed like forever – a much needed (albeit brief) hiatus from work, complete with sleeping in until noon and waking up with no obligations.

Pumpkin picking – check.

Along with pumpkin picking came hay riding, corn mazing, and animal petting – a package deal! Literally. Only $14 bucks at the Queens County Farm Museum – an autumn must. It’s only an hour and a half from the city via public transportation (or a half hour via car) – highly recommended for a cute and cheap date or group outing :)

After visiting Kentucky and going to real farms, it’s funny seeing how the big city turns the countryside into a museum. Imagine planting a NYC “museum” in middle America – just a small plot of land dedicated to mimicking every stereotypical aspect of the concrete jungle, essentially serving as show and tell for all the hillbillies and rednecks – hey folks, this is what a city is like! It was even stranger for my small town country bumpkin of a boyfriend – he was like “wait, this is a museum? But this is where I come from… these places are still around.” The country is not extinct!

Onassis’s 1 year anniversary party – check.

I ate a lot. Chikalicious cupcakes, hors d’oeuvres, Moonshine soaked apples (they were serving Moonshine cider.. but I couldn’t drink on the job. I’m allowed to eat on the job though), they just kept on coming.  I would have been THAT person standing by the entrance where the food comes out, eating all the truffle mushroom pizza slices before the waiters could reach the remainder of the room… but luckily for everyone else, I spent most of my time downstairs styling the models for the spring ’12 presentation.

Rekindled the flame with long lost friends – check.

Jenina, Josh and Jordan (and Joseph, but he doesn’t count as a long lost friend) (Team J?) came to support me at Onassis’s 1 year party. I haven’t seen them in ages – it breaks my soft heart – but it was amazing to know that nothing has changed and they’re still there, ready to be my friend again when I present a party with free food and booze (kidding! :) Friendship conquers busy schedules! Warm fuzzies.

Also got to see Jaimee and Mike this weekend when fate brought us within a 2-block radius of each other. Kismet.

Punk’n beer – check.

I’ve been craving pumpkin beer since the onset of fall. And then when I finally got a hold of it, I took two sips and PTFO’ed for the night. What can I say, I’m a hardcore lightweight.

Haunted ghost tour – check.

Fun fact – thousands and thousands of dead bodies are buried under Washington Square Park. Too many people caught the Yellow Fever and died too rapidly for proper burials, let alone proper disbursement of bodies. Aside from a cemetery, it also served as a hanging ground during the Civil War… making Washington Square Park one of the most haunted landmarks in NYC.

Here’s me and Joseph standing next to the bell that used to ring for St. Mark’s Church. It was taken down because it would randomly ring in the middle of the night – with no one there to ring it, and with absolutely no means to ring it (the rope to the bell had been cut off). Spooky, huh?

Baked potato party – check.

Yes, that happened. I’ve recently been hungry for them so Joseph threw me a little baked potato party. I ate three potatoes with a melange of toppings ranging from bacon bits to pesto sauce. I got pregnant with a food baby shortly thereafter.


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