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Halloweekend was a success this year! It was an entire week ago, but I still feel the need to document all things eventful in my life… since it’s (fortunately and unfortunately) gotten a bit more tame since college.

My costume was totally lame last year, but this year, I sought to redeem myself from my previous lack of creativity. A lot was going on in my life October 2010 – I was adjusting to work, dealing with a break up, figuring out how to not be homeless, etc. I didn’t have time to plan anything well thought out (which is actually one of my favorite things to do during the fall), so it ended up being one of those costumes you lackadaisically throw together last minute. I was a sexy housekeeper or something like that. Whatever. Luckily for me, a lot has changed in almost exactly a year.

Homemade Pikachu tail, stripes, ears and lightening bolt; American Apparel socks and dress.

We went to The Anchor on Friday night to support Jenina‘s fundraising group – open bar, amazing music, and plenty of dancing. The DJ was too good!

I was really looking forward to dressing up as a ninja and having a flash mob fight on Saturday night, but our plans were hindered by the infamous Snowtober. We got as far as going to Joseph’s apartment to get ready for the pregame, but long story short – we experienced G train problems (of course), and had to trek through the blizzard for a good forty minutes before finally arriving to his place. Streets were deserted, no cabs in site, I was soaked, freezing and miserable. Scarred for life, I figured it was best to cancel on ninja-ing. Sure, I love winter, but I was certainly not in the proper attire to enjoy frolicking about outside while the wind pelted snow-covered leaves at me.

In the spirit of Halloween/Snowtober, we knocked back Ghost Busters and A Nightmare Before Christmas – two classics I’ve never seen until now. Also got to enjoy Joseph’s famous meatloaf for the first time, and I baked cranberry/apple crumble pies that I’m pretty proud of.

I am loving this fall thus far :)


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