guess who’s officially a Mrs…

My tiger mom of a sister is officially Mrs. Michelle Li De Silva!

So maid of honor duties certainly sucked the life out of me for a while – it was essentially an unpaid second full time job on top of my already full time (mostly overtime) job. ..Hence, my absence from the interweb world. Fashion and weddings are no seriously joke – (ha) – it was seriously enough wedding planning/preparation/organization/execution for one lifetime. Late nights in the office printing, cutting and gluing menus, name cards, and ceremony programs, oh my! had me scarred for life. I’m almost considering just going to the City Clerk’s Office for whenever that time comes for me to get married… keep it painless and simple. Expect me to reconsider in a few years.

Speech, speech

“The few times that Michelle has given me advice about love, she would always say 1) it’s important that you and your partner share the same values and 2) you have to find someone who has strengths that are your weaknesses, and he has weaknesses that happen to be your strengths. Both points perfectly reflect Mike and Michelle.

In the spirit of their nuptials, I was talking to Joseph about this lovely couple and how they’re both so different – almost complete opposites of one another. He ended up correcting me: they’re not “opposites” – they’re complements of one another. And that they are, in every respect – Joseph put it perfectly. For example, Michelle lives life at 120 miles per hour. As for Mike, well to say that he lives life at 30 miles per hour wouldn’t be right. He’s not slow… he’s more like the traffic patroller, telling her to slow down when she’s going over the speed limit. And knowing my sister, she is certainly someone who needs a traffic patroller in her life.

Not only is Mike critical to keeping her sane in between opening one Onassis store after the other while conquering the world on the side, but he is also proof that nice guys don’t finish last (especially if he’s ending up with a woman like Michelle!) I knew Mike sealed the deal when came to pick me up from Port Authority at 3 am when I was coming back from Cornell a few years ago. They were both worried for my safety arriving that late, so Mike offered to make the trek up from the Financial District to chauffer me from Midtown – I was impressed; he earned a ton of brownie points for that. In fact, that alone probably showed up every single guy Michelle has ever dated – from dangerously good-looking models, to doctors with that Harvard degree. Oh, and there was also that one time when Mike let me crash in his and Michelle’s studio without paying rent for an entire summer… talk about invasion of privacy. Aside from those acts of selfless kindness, I can always depend on him to be the good cop when Michelle harasses me. (Imagine having a tiger mom for a sister.) That said, there is no better man out there to be my brother-in-law. And of course, there is no better man out there to be my sister’s husband – she deserves only the best.

So rewind back to fall of 2007. I was a sophomore in college, home for Thanksgiving break. Michelle and I met up with her friend Natalie to watch the Cornell ice hockey team face BU at MSG. It was a pretty tough fight for our alma mater, although I can’t be sure Michelle even noticed… she was too preoccupied with text message flirting with this mysterious “Mike” character. Every so often, she’d giggle and ask Natalie, “what should I say back to this text?! Should I make him wait a little… and text back after a few minutes?” I couldn’t help but think, “who IS this guy? What has gotten into her?! #Collegegirlproblems exist beyond your early 20s??” Fast forward to today. She is now married to the man who distracted her from that hockey game.

We all know that marriages aren’t perfect, and they aren’t without tribulations. But I know that regardless of the reality of marriage, Michelle and Mike will both be the happiest spending their lives with one another. In the words of the groom himself, “a happy Li is a happy me!”

Congratulations to Michelle and Mike De Silva. May you two have a happy and healthy marriage to last a lifetime – I love you both!


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