2012 resolutions: eat more dessert, & etc.

Making New Year’s resolutions have never really been my thing. Often, much like everyone else, I would 1) make them, 2) forget about them, and 3) never go back to them – mostly because I could never remember what they were in the first place. It was an endless cycle each year. Recent years, my mentality transitioned from forgetting about resolutions to simply “going with the flow” – ..aka me starting the year being lackadaisical to the highest degree. 2012 will be the time to crack that whip and set some goals for myself. Inspiration? Jenina. :) 

Reunite with a friend or two or many at least once a month.

Unfortunately this somewhat awkward photo was the best one the Asian stranger took.

Inspiration: Jenn, Jenina, Annacler and I were ALL together for the first time last night in nearly a year. Our reunions, albeit few, never fail to make me feel like I’m living my own Sex and the City episode (which I surprisingly never got into, but the title just seems appropriate.) I stalked Facebook’s handy dandy timeline and it looks like we hadn’t been together since February of last year… and I realized – to all my wonderful friends, near and far, I don’t ever want to wait a year to see you!

Return to my alma mater at least ONCE this year.

View from the top of the Clock Tower.

Inspiration: Joseph visiting Princeton 3 times in less than 6 months. Yeah, I’m jealous. It’s just not fair. I haven’t been back since I graduated – nearly 2 years ago. Unacceptable. My school deserves just as much attention as his does. (Why yes, I would like some cheese with my whine. ..harhar :o)

Travel to a state and a country that I have never been before.

Inspiration: Well who doesn’t want to travel! I’ve been wanting to go to a National Park for a while – I’ve never been to one before or vacationed anywhere remotely close to a “National Park,” so it would be something different for a change! Would not mind marveling at the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon.. hm, road trip?

Visit Parsippany more than once every two or so months. 

Inspiration: My mom is there, and she needs my entertainment.

Volunteer once a month – most likely at an animal shelter.

Inspiration: Joseph’s parents – they rescue dogs that would have been put to sleep for no good reason. They’ve started this when Joseph began college, and since then, no dog has undeservingly been put to sleep in their county.

Pitty Paty not particularly pleased with me carrying her around in my snuggie sleeve.

I plan to adopt one or two of their puppies when I can afford a comfortable life for them. But until then, I’ll join an animal shelter to get my daily dose of pup.

Understand football.

Inspiration: Everyone I know. Hockey, soccer, and basketball I understand just fine, but I cannot comprehend football for the life of me – it’s as cryptic as math and science (ha, the irony). Then again, I can’t say I’ve truly tried learning. My attitude towards the Superbowl has always been nonchalant – it’s so unAmerican of me – when I tell people I haven’t really seen a Superbowl, they would react like it was utter sacrilege. Maybe it is – clearly this very American sport is a ton of a fun and everyone has a great time ..so I essentially have no excuse to not want to figure this shit out.

Pregaming for Jets v. Bills in January ’11 – turned out to be an unavailing attempt at understanding the sport. 

This year, I will no longer turn away from further efforts to educate me. Since I learn best by doing, I will start by joining a flag football team. Can’t promise any touchdowns.. and worst case scenario, I’ll happily be the on-field cheerleader. If football is a success, maybe I’ll try comprehending baseball in 2013. Wiffle ball, anyone?

Enjoy the REAL outdoors (when it’s warmer).

By “outdoors,” I don’t mean sitting outside on a restaurant patio for brunch, or people watching in Central Park, or bike riding across the Brooklyn Bridge. Of course I’d love all of those, but I think it’s time to reach beyond my comfort zone. Inspiration: The Hunger Games. Yeah, major nerd alert, I am shameless. But if I were a tribute in that field, I would have probably died in the capsule before even getting the chance to run amuk around the Cornucopia.

I need to do at least one of the following: whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking, or camping for at least one night. 2012 will be a year for me to become acquainted with mother nature, take on the bugs and the dirt, and go shopping for some cute hiking boots ;) ha!

Read 10 books.

Inspiration: Resolution stolen from Jenina, I think it’s a great one to have. I’ve already finished the Hunger Games trilogy (obviously), so now I’ve got 7 books to go, which is definitely achievable considering how little time I have for leisure reading. But that’s besides the point because time will be made this year! Any reading suggestions are welcome – I like the dorky, sci-fi/fantasy genre if that helps.

Eat more dessert.

Inspiration: My sweet tooth.

I love dessert, but I never seem to have enough room to savor a slice of chocolate cake after dinner. Room will be made this year.

Eat less candy.

Inspiration: Same as above. My undying penchant for all sugary substances can’t be good for me. So now, I’d like to limit my sugar quota to just dessert, because red velvet cupcakes from Chikalicious > Twizzlers.

Eat more fruits and veggies.

Inspiration: Well I guess I need to feed myself good stuff between filling myself with cupcakes and ice cream.

Poached pear and arugula salad in KY

Eating well was a lot easier to do back in college living under the influence of my two vegetarian best friends. Since entering the real world, I’ve become more carnivorous than ever before –  bacon, steak, pork, chicken, lamb, sausages, burgers, bbq this, bbq that with a batch of brussel sprouts thrown in every now and then. But from now on, my veggie intake can’t be “every now and then” – I’ll be doing a vegetarian week once a month, with a healthy dose of fruits and greens on a regular basis.

Start taking vitamins.

Inspiration: Oh, just hopping on the healthy eat-your-fruits-and-veggies bandwagon. I’ve never really taken vitamins, and it can only help me, so why not! Ironic because I also resolve to indulge in more desserts… oh, the vice rules.

Blog at least once a month.

Inspiration: This blog post. I fell off the blogosphere for a while when I got caught up with my full time job and prepping for Michelle’s wedding (which turned out to be like working another full time job). Didn’t get back into blogging after the wedding until now, so expect an entry or two on a monthly basis – that seems manageable :)

Now that these resolutions are written down, I have no excuse to forget them a few months down the line.

Happy 2012!


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One Comment on “2012 resolutions: eat more dessert, & etc.”

  1. January 11, 2012 at 11:59 am #

    I look SO happy in that picture! PS – this is my running blog, I’ve neglected sixtrain for the past few months. Add a fitness resolution, let’s get you training for a half-marathon later this year :)

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