Moving back vs moving on:

After living in NYC for a good year, I don’t think I could move back to Parsippany.. but I could never move on from my little hometown. I used to take it for granted, but you know what they say.. “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – my exact sentiments towards Parsippany. Although I can only handle it in small doses, I plan to stick to my resolutions this year and visit a bit more frequently (although a once-a-month goal doesn’t seem that frequent considering I’m only 45 minutes away, does it?)

Being home for a whole two nights had refreshed my memory on all the reasons why I love this diverse New Jerseyian town that’s 25% populated with guidos, 25% miscellaneous, and 50% Asians (not meant to be offensive):

Being well fed with delicious home cooked meals at any/all hours of the day.

My mom is adamant on fattening me up – she’s convinced I’m skinny to the point of unhealthy, which is absolutely preposterous. Sigh, (Asian) mothers. Luckily I don’t mind – in fact, I thoroughly enjoy eating all the sustenance that’s perpetually placed in front of me. Can’t say no to free (scrumptious) meals!

The suburban charm.

There’s not to much to marvel at here, but I consider it to be endearingly lackluster. After struggling through Union Square, Times Square, Herald Square, generally all the squares + Chinatown, I can truly appreciate how spacious the suburbs can be. I love how it’s not frequented by the touristy crowds that often overwhelm me – Parsippany belongs to Parsippany, not tourists.

It’s unpretentious.

Going back home to New Jersey means throwing on sweats and visiting la casa de Carmelita for movies, TV and food. It’s almost always the main event on the rare occasion when I do show face in Parsippany. Like any girl, I love dressing up, but the exorbitant glamour of Manhattan gets tiring after a while.. only a little tiring though – it’s something I can handle in large doses, but the time always comes when I just want to wear layers upon layers of frumpy sweats that do not flatter me at all. I call it, “homeless chic.”

Sleeping in a room, not a basement that leaks.

The down blanket I have at home is the equivalent to a fluffy cloud. The room I live in in Brooklyn is not only closet-sized with no windows, but also has a leak above my bed that the landlords are too lazy to fix. Infuriating. ’nuff said.

Cluck U and Fuddruckers. 

I haven’t been in to either in a while, but they’re my favorites! I would trade in all the Pret-A-Manger hot wraps in the world for an ostrich burger from Fuddruckers with a side of nuclear wings from Cluck U. And those potato wedges!! #classy

Lake Parsippany

The lake will always be my favorite place to run around in circles!

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One Comment on “Moving back vs moving on:”

  1. January 25, 2012 at 6:07 pm #

    omg i just got so hungry thinking of those potato wedges. i’m def going to need to put an order in for the super bowl!

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