things that do not belong in the freezer:

  1. champagne
  2. triple sec

I’m fully aware that was idiotic, but no one was around to tell me neither could go in the freezer this weekend! Lesson learned, the hard way.

Clearly, I didn’t understand the composition of regular alcohol vs champagne vs triple sec – it was all the same to me, so I figured they would do fine chilling in the freezer together. Soon enough, I discovered that only regular alcohol can survive the cold when the bottle of champagne exploded (good thing it was no Veuve) and the triple sec froze over.. there went the two essential ingredients to my spiked lemonade concoction.  A panic attack ensued, but all was resolved within the hour after

  1. cleaning out the mess of a freezer and getting my hand cut up by too many slivers of glass (yeah I’m scrappy)
  2. running/melting the triple sec under warm water
  3. substituting my cheap champagne with my roommate’s cheaper champagne (Andres, anyone?) that was readily available

I blindly threw the Andres, triple sec, gin and (fresh squeezed!) lemon juice in a punch bowl – I honestly had no idea what the proportions of each ingredient were, but luckily, it turned out quite delicious and deceptively strong. Natural talent? Perhaps. Susie Homemaker? No.

Between my cocktail-making shenanigans, someone breaking a table, someone else breaking a lamp shade, and the toilet paper fixture getting torn out of the wall, I’d say my little “Spring Fling” was a success. It was absolutely amazing having most of my best friends from college and high school together in one place – I can’t remember the last time I was around so many people who I love the shit out of :)

There were still some favorite people missing, but there’s no such thing as perfect attendance – maybe next time! Thoughts on a Spring Fling Pt II? I have plenty of leftover alcohol, and it surely can’t go to waste.. and next time, I’ll know not to put the bottle of champagne in the freezer ;)


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