quarterly check up

Happy April – we’re a quarter into 2012!

Looks like it’s time for me to revisit the resolutions I made in January and make sure they haven’t slipped through the cracks like they usually do… (oops)

Reunite with a friend or two or many at least once a month.

Highly successful. I feel like I’ve been drunk off happiness nearly every weekend, and it’s only going to get better, I feel it.

Return to my alma mater at least ONCE this year.

I finally went back this past weekend!

It was from Saturday to Sunday – literally only 24 hours – but I got to fit in everything I wanted including a big ol carb sesh at ZaZa’s, one of the most delicious Italian restaurants I’ve ever been to; the Skunk Cabbage 10K run, which was so scenic (and fun!); carb sesh #2 with an old favorite, the Mexican bagel from CTB (garlic bagel with jalepeno cream cheese and fresh salsa, topped off with melted cheddar cheese); more carbs at the Old Teahouse (can’t find tapioca balls like these anywhere else); a 1/2 price burger (I forgot how poor students are) and a bloody mary from Stella’s [I was disappointed they didn’t serve it in the foot-long glass garnished with enormous (possibly genetically engineered) olives..  still delicious though]; and of course visits to my favorite spots on campus. It rained all weekend, but there truly isn’t a more beautiful place to be when it’s rainy and grey. (Or maybe I need to travel more..)

I want to go back again for Slope Day, but it’s also the same weekend as the Long Island half marathon.. it basically comes down to whether or not I want to drink a lot or run a lot, and I can’t do both back-to-back. #lightweightproblems aka #asianproblems. Lucky me.

Travel to a state and a country that I have never been before.

Still got time to do this – I currently have my sights set on Vegas this year, but it’s still subject to change.

Visit Parsippany more than once every two or so months. 

I think I’ve been back home twice since January – once for Chinese New Year and once for the Super Bowl. If you count stopping by Parsippany for a few hours to pick up some friends before roadtripping to Boston.. then that’s a total of 3 times, which is still more than before! At that rate, I don’t think it’ll be a problem keeping this up.

Volunteer once a month – most likely at an animal shelter.

Haven’t started volunteering yet, but it will happen.

Understand football.

A mild success.

Enjoy the REAL outdoors (when it’s warmer).

Still waiting for the temperature to amp up just slightly. I want to go camping!

Read 10 books.

Being part of a book club makes this all too easy. Speaking of which I’ve got to pick up the next book, Jane Eyre – I’ve heard such great things about this classic, now I finally get to see what all the hype’s about.

Next in line is Jake Keuric’s On the Road, and then Walter Isaacson’s book on Steve Jobs. I’m particularly excited about the latter because I find reading about crazies so fascinating.. I guess infamously mean and borderline psychotic people are enticing to nice, sane people like me? I’m so boring.

Eat more dessert.


Eat less candy.

This has posed a challenge.

Eat more fruits and veggies.

All I eat are carbs and meat, STILL.

So for just this week, I’m going on a meat cleanse and eating only fruits and veggies. Definitely not cutting out the carbs though. I’m Asian, I NEED my rice, and if not rice, carbs in some other form.

Start taking vitamins.

Looks like it’s time for me to pick up some gummy vites because those seem to be the only kind of vitamins I can remember to take on a daily basis, or take at all for that matter. #child

Blog at least once a month.

March was a fail, but here’s one for April.


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