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the things that make me happy.

things that do not belong in the freezer:

champagne triple sec I’m fully aware that was idiotic, but no one was around to tell me neither could go in the freezer this weekend! Lesson learned, the hard way. Clearly, I didn’t understand the composition of regular alcohol vs champagne vs triple sec – it was all the same to me, so I figured […]

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Moving back vs moving on:

After living in NYC for a good year, I don’t think I could move back to Parsippany.. but I could never move on from my little hometown. I used to take it for granted, but you know what they say.. “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – my exact sentiments towards Parsippany. Although I can only […]

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when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie

..that’s amore! The beginning of a work week generally isn’t always happiest. But this morning, I was inspired by Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” – a classic song about the little things you love. It was a reminder to think of the random joys that bring a smile to your face, especially when the Monday blues […]

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guess who’s officially a Mrs…

My tiger mom of a sister is officially Mrs. Michelle Li De Silva! So maid of honor duties certainly sucked the life out of me for a while – it was essentially an unpaid second full time job on top of my already full time (mostly overtime) job. ..Hence, my absence from the interweb world. […]

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drink or treat

Halloweekend was a success this year! It was an entire week ago, but I still feel the need to document all things eventful in my life… since it’s (fortunately and unfortunately) gotten a bit more tame since college. My costume was totally lame last year, but this year, I sought to redeem myself from my […]

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