be hungry

eat, drink & be merry.

Girls who order teeny tiny side salads as their sole entree are ridiculous. Get greasy fries, dishes soaked in onions and garlic (my preference), and just eat what your stomach tells you to eat, even if that means picking off your date’s plate. If he doesn’t want to share, his parents didn’t teach him manners. If he’s turned off, there’s a chance he may not be straight. If he sticks around, he gets bonus points towards keeper status.

I love food. If I could, I’d be a professional eater. (Food critic right?) Unfortunately, I’d get fired if I were a critic – I give glowing reviews to nearly everything I’ve tried (except brussel sprouts, but they’re growing on me). I enjoy fancy dishes with the overpowering and overpriced truffle ingredient as much as I enjoy a 99 cent pack of ramen cooked with a side of boiled egg.

Maybe the food I eat and restaurants I go to are just that amazing. Or maybe I’m lenient. You’ll never know until you try my recommendations for yourself :)


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