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working hard or hardly working?

Like I’ve mentioned a few times already, work has been crazy. I’ve been mainly preparing for the FW ’11 e-commerce launch while juggling a couple other miscellaneous projects. At least I have comfort in knowing that I’m certainly not alone with the workload – Josh is busy getting our name out there & etc.; Stephanie’s […]

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happy birthday dear America, happy birthday to you

My 4th of July weekend commenced with Harry Potter #7 (need to refresh for this Friday’s viewing of #7 part II!) and Indian chips. Doesn’t sound like the typical bbq kick-start to commemorate America’s birthday, but it was definitely all I needed after the most exhausting week I’ve had in a while. So for Joseph’s […]

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here’s to deep pockets & full stomachs

MY KIND OF A BURGER: “The Richard Nouveau–boasts 10 ounces of Kobe beef, foie gras, exotic mushrooms, cave-aged Gruyère, and fresh truffles packed in a brioche bun. O’Connell added one more exorbitant topping: gold. ‘It needed an extra kick,’ he says of the decision to mix gold flakes with his truffle mayonnaise. Additional gold is […]

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