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an ode to Cornell

It’s almost autumn, which means… back to school for all you youngsters (and grad students)! Alas, it’s the second August I’m not venturing back up to Ithaca – even after 2 years, it still seems so surreal to me. I’m no longer a student, but an actual real person, in the real world, getting nickle […]

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Quarter Life (minus 2 years) Reflection

My feet were numb for the first half hour. Maybe my pedal straps were too tight? I wanted to vomit the last half hour. Maybe that energy drink prior wasn’t a good idea? My lungs burned like I was a chain smoker. Maybe I shouldn’t have waited over a year to get a real workout […]

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Joe’s Busy Corner

Joseph took me to Guttar Bar, a hipster bowling alley last Friday. Along the lovely stroll to our date night destination, I discovered his busy corner that he had been hiding from me all along: It’s okay, I quickly forgave him. We’ve all got our vices. Only kidding – look at that face… the look […]

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