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Wall St. Madison Ave.

Free Food for Millionaires reminds me a lot of Mad Men – but instead of pompous Caucasian ad men, it’s the Asian Wall St. guys who are living their lives around the egregious lies they tell in attempt to circumvent cheating. The plot is uncanny to the TV show – take Ted, the head of […]

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high school honors English reflection paper

I’ve just finished the first two chapters and already, so much resonates with me. I’ve gathered a few quotes that reflected all too accurate fragments of my life and the relationships within my small family  – my mom, my dad, my sister. Just wanted to share: “…her father, Joseph Han, could’ve easily passed for her […]

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“competence can be a curse”

After over a month, I’m only on page 247 out of 835 in A Game of Thrones. I swear I’m not a dismally slow reader! It’s just that the only times I have to read are my brief commutes on the subway – I know, awful excuse. But now, I seriously need to find more time for reading, especially since I’m […]

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