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if Harry Potter & Cho Chang had a love child

She’d inherit Harry’s scar (yes, it would be genetic) and poor eye site, and Cho’s Asian features. She would also violate the inexorably presumptuous pureblood community and date a muggle, who strangely resembles Harry Potter.. Okay, enough of my shameless dorkiness! In all seriousness though, Joseph and I were the only ones at the movie […]

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happy birthday dear America, happy birthday to you

My 4th of July weekend commenced with Harry Potter #7 (need to refresh for this Friday’s viewing of #7 part II!) and Indian chips. Doesn’t sound like the typical bbq kick-start to commemorate America’s birthday, but it was definitely all I needed after the most exhausting week I’ve had in a while. So for Joseph’s […]

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rudely barging in on a white veil occasion

It was almost college again. Except for the fact that we went out one night, had three shots + a few sips of beer, got schwasty cakes, and called it a night for, oh, basically the rest of the weekend. (We’re that lightweight). The above shows evidence that we’re young, lively, energetic 22 year olds […]

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